Single sign-on (SSO) is a means of allowing your users to authenticate against a single identity provider to access your Mimoto Organization. We support SAML 2.0 for SSO.

Enabling SAM single sign-on

Single sign-on can only be enabled by Mimoto Users who are members of a group with the Org Administrators permission. The organization SSO settings can be accessed under OrgSettings. It is recommended that before enabling SSO settings you configure a Mimoto User to have SSO Bypass enabled to ensure you can still access the console if something does not work.

On the Org Settings page do the following:

  1. Click Edit

  2. Take note of your Org ID

  3. In Authentication Settings

    1. Select SSO Enabled

    2. Choose your SSO Type or metadata or SAML2
      Metadata: Is the option to provide a configuration URL that includes the SAML2 Configuration.
      SAML2: Requires you to input the configuration information manually

      1. Metadata

        1. Provide the Metadata URL from your IdP

      2. SAML2

        1. Provide the Entity ID from your IdP

        2. Provide the Single Sign On URL from your IdP

        3. Provide the x509 certificate generated by your IdP

      3. Click Save

If you’re self-configuring the SSO you should note:

  • We require a signed SAML2 response, but don’t care about individually-signed assertions. The overall response must be signed

  • We do not currently publish metadata

Supported Features

  • IdP Initiated Single Sign-On

  • Service Provider Single Sign-On